About Dave


I am adventurous.  I like taking risks in everyday life.  I love the mountains (climbing, mountaineering, hiking) and fast cars.  I think my propensity for adventure is because I’m exceptionally good at calculating and mitigating risks.   Being adventurous requires focus and the ability to deal with unanticipated challenges.  I started this blog as an adventure.  I’m not great at writing (edit 30July, I am terrible at writing).  I will make grammatical and typographical mistakes.  I will say stuff the wrong way and probably make someone mad.  Those are the risks, but the reward is much greater.  I look forward to sharing my ideas with others and learning from the opinions of my readers.  Regardless of the success of this blog, I’m excited for the adventure.  Thanks for joining me.

One final note…

My professional responsibilities require me to state the following, which also happens to be true.

This blog is the opinion of the writer (me) and NOT the United States Government, The Department of Defense or any other organization I am affiliated with professionally or socially.



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